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What’s Next?

I am thrilled to have so many people asking already when the next book in my Matt Zampolos series is coming out.  It is exciting and humbling to know that some folks are truly enjoying the adventure and anxious to jump into the next part of the story.  Actually, the third book was finished last year but the realities of publishing require that it sit in my computer a little longer.  As I have told several people, the cost of self-publishing, when you want an actual printed book and not just an ebook, isn’t cheap.  I  have a great deal investing in getting the first two books published, and while I’d love to send the third one to the printer, I need to recoup a lot more of my investment before that happens.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m not very good at marketing my books – yet, but I don’t want any loyal followers to have to wait too long before the next one is out.  I could tell you the working title, and for those who have read the first two books it might sound a little familiar, but for those who haven’t it probably sounds weird.  Right now it’s The Yahlandice Protocol and it does pick up where The Perspicacious Quandary ended.  What had been occasional skirmishes with the Dark Agents now turns into full war.  But you’ll have to wait awhile to find out what that means.

I began the forth book last fall, but I haven’t been able to do any writing since the first of November because of all the extra church-related things that I have had to work on and/or write something for.  I wrote curriculum, proposals, planned a marriage retreat, prepared and taught and an extra class, and during all that, wrote, directed, and performed a major musical play.  Occasional articles and blogs are not hard to find time for, but to work on a novel requires a minimum of two or three hours time.  The longer you stay away from it, the harder it is to crank it back up because you have to read everything you already wrote just to know where you left off, and that requires even more time.  I’m not making excuses, just explaining why I haven’t been writing as much as I had been.  I fully intend to get started again soon – Lord willing – and finish what is now only four chapters of a book.  I have no idea how many books I will do in this series.  If the word-of-mouth marketing picks up and more books are sold, I will get them out faster, but right now I’m a long way from being in that position.  So, please be patient, spread the word about these books, and know that if God gives me life, I will do more story telling.