What Really Counts!

I have tried to be observant.  I have tried to not go through life on Auto-Control, lost in thought, distracted by small stuff, or too busy to just see things.  I don’t want to miss the gorgeous little blue flower on a western Colorado mountain side that is swamped by swaying brown grass and bushy sage brush as I slog and sweat on the steep incline trying to head off long-gone elk.  I love catching sight of the Humming Bird zooming under the overhang of our porch as it rushes in to quickly suck up some sugar-water before another Humming Bird dives in to chase it away.  I’m still awestruck when I see a blooming Mimosa tree from my car window that I hadn’t noticed before.  I dearly love the bright pink explosions of every blossom covering the tree with their angel like hair reminding me of cotton candy.  I love seeing an older couple walking down the street holding hands and laughing.  For the moment, they are ignoring all the craziness and meanness in the world and simply enjoying being together.  I love laughing children, playing dogs, Morning Glories, and Missouri sunsets.  What’s better than sitting on your back porch, with a comfortable evening breeze blowing, the Robin’s singing, and your grand kids shouting with joy as they duel with water pistols?  What’s better than taking a deep breath and realizing you have more to thank God for than you will ever be able to put into words?  Why is that possible?  Because no matter how observant we try to be, we will always miss most of the blessings, beauty, and bounty that our Father places all around us.

Life is all about who you love and who loves you back.  That’s God, family, church family, and friends.  But that’s the cake!  There’s a lot of icing out there too, just waiting to be put on that cake.  See it!  Notice it!  Discover it!  Enjoy it!  Be impressed by God!