Truly One!

When you are creating a fictional story about a fictional place, everything is the product of your imagination.  I guess that’s what they call the “creative process”.  In writing a series of stories about the spirit realm, I certainly used my imagination to formulate what it looked like, who was there, and what they did.  Still, as much as I enjoyed creating a whole new world, much of the foundation elements really came from the Bible.  God gives us only glimpses and whispers of the spirit realm, but when you begin to put those pieces together, you begin to see some principles that must be part of it.  Things like spiritually perfect and immortal bodies, the absence of aging or it’s effects, and total control over anything physical are all concepts that are not difficult to glean from scripture.  I really enjoyed creating people who were learning that all the old physical limitations were gone and just because you seemed to be old, you could still move and play like a kid again.  That was one of the first amazing discoveries Matt Zampolos  learned about as he received his introductory tour of Camp Omega from Barnabas.

One of the elements that I have truly enjoyed exploring is the simple fact that in the spirit realm there is nothing that is limited or restricted because of gender.  The ladies work, fight, lead, and compete on the same level as any of the men.  There is absolutely nothing that makes men better, superior, or have dominion over women in the spirit realm.  They have the same job and have all the same capabilities.  Women are still uniquely women, but they are not locked into some man-made traditional role.  It’s a return to the original relationship of equality that Adam and Eve had in the Garden at the start – before they changed their relationship with God.  In the spirit realm, it’s true that “There is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal.3:28)  Men and women mutually support and respect one another because they are agents of God – doing His work for eternity.  Folks who need to feel superior to anyone, especially towards the opposite gender, are not the kind of people who get asked to do the spirit work of God on Earth or in the spirit realm.  In my mind it’s a beautiful world to live it.  I hope my rendition of it in The Judas Sword and The Perspicacious Quandary depicts it correctly.