It Must Be Magic

This year’s musical is history.  We had our last performance at 6:00 Sunday evening to a wonderful full house of expectant and supportive attendees.  As I write this, last night we dismantled the stage, took down all the scenery, put things away, and cleaned up the auditorium.  It looks like our old auditorium again.  A little boring and naked, but back to normal.  Tonight we are having our cast and crew party and sharing a rough cut of the video we will be delivering to all those who signed up to receive one – several hundred families.  I guess the party is the official end of this year’s program, but I’m still in a little bit of shock about how well everything went and how incredibly well it was received by the hundreds who attended.

By the time we had our first performance, we had been learning lines and songs for three months.  We are so use to everything that it becomes hard to envision anyone being amazed and surprised by anything. Yet, that is exactly what happens.  Dozens of people came up to me after each show and passionately declared how wonderful the show was and how it touched them.  People had tears in their eyes talking about the stories and the songs and how they were moved by them.  Many seemed to be in complete shock that it was so much better than they ever expected!  Like I’ve said for thirteen years, it isn’t your typical church play.  This is a musical production, and again, God used it to do some amazing things.  Lives were changed!  People recommitted themselves to a closer walk with God!  I can’t tell you how many people said to me, “I needed this,” or “I needed to hear that song or story”.  One sweet lady grabbed my arms and with deep conviction said, “You’ve got to send the video of this play to the Hallmark Channel.  I know they would love it and show it!”  Not so sure about that, but what a sweet thing to say.

Tonight, as we celebrate another wonderful experience being used by God, I can’t help but think of the fun, laughter, shared experiences, and deepening relationship that those of us who made this happen get to thank God for – and that’s all icing on the cake!  We feel blessed to have done a good job, have fun, and glorify God in what we were able to do.  Another great Bible musical play is in the realm of memories and shared grace.

Time to start working on the next one!  Well, maybe in a few weeks!