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Newsletter – From Mike

Florissant Church of Christ Newsletter Article for 9-20-20

From Mike:

            I am going to miss Nancy…but not for long. I have been blessed to enjoy life for enough years that I am much, much closer to the end of it than I am to the beginning of it. I am in no hurry, but I am in no level of fear about it either. God is good, and that is more than a catchy phrase to repeat – it is a fact of faith! He will take care of me until my last breath, and then he will take care of me in a breath-taking place he planned and built just for me and all his children. So, yes, I will miss Nancy, but she probably feels far more sorrow for us and what we are missing than the sorrow we feel for her and what she left.

            I will miss her laughter and her encouraging smile. When I looked at her during my preaching, she was with me – 100%! She cackled and cried, and she nodded her head as she’d whisper “Amen.” She was always one of my favorite listeners, and I started missing her presence long ago as illness and a pandemic kept us apart. She was smart, articulate, sassy, and thoughtful. She never stopped learning and growing. She built on her physical setbacks, giving God the glory and learning to be thankful for every day given to her. She was talented, caring, sensitive, and serious about her walk with God. She and Steve together were quiet servants doing things to help others, encourage others, and help this church family in any way they could. I am so thankful for our shared experiences. I am so glad I talked them into going on that cruise with us three years ago. What a special memory to have for all of us!

            She was a lot of things, but most important of all, she was an authentic, Spirit-filled child of God. She loved Steve, Sam, and Beth fiercely, but she also loved her church family completely, consistently, and committedly. She was something special, and right now she is with a whole congregation of Florissant people who are singing together, sharing great memories together, and I AM SURE sitting down to an enormous fellowship dinner together.

            So, again, I will miss you Nancy, but I will see you again. We can sing tenor together and talk about the latest book you just read, and just maybe, there will be cruises in Heaven. Save me a place at the dinner table!