Newsletter Article for 6-7-20

From Mike:

            What is your self-worth…worth? I would have to say that it depends on the quality of your self-worth in terms of character. You see, an extremely selfish and egotistical person probably thinks very highly of themselves and that they are entitled to whatever they can get, take, or be given. Other people may feel very good about themselves but that good feeling comes from a humble and serving heart. The best and most balanced self-worth comes from God. He declared me important, He loves me, and He gave His only Son to die for me and pay for my sins. I do not deserve it, I am unworthy of such love, and I will never be good enough to be worthy of that love. That is why it is called grace. I feel good about me because God had forgiven me, covered me with His grace, and adopted me into His family. That is God given self-worth!

            So, what is it worth to me? I treasure it, I am overwhelmed by it, and I am extremely indebted because of it. Is it worth more than that extra change the check out person accidently gave me? Is it worth more than that five-dollar bill that I saw the person in front of me drop? Is it worth more than the drink the waitress forgot to add to your bill? Is it worth more than the couple hundred dollars I was able to hide from the IRS? Satan says, “Everyone can be bought!” What is your price?

            What am I getting at? Our self-worth is only worthy if we are men and women of God who are driven by spiritual integrity. Being a person of integrity means that I will not sell out my character for anything! We can not do something that Jesus would not do! To compromise our integrity is to compromise our relationship with God. Even if no one sees it or knows about it, He does!

            Sunday morning we are going to talk about number three in our series about Seven Practices of a Transformed Life. It is integrity. In Christ we become men and women who consistently honor God and don’t do the things that we might have done before to enrich ourselves at the expense of others. Join us and think about what your self-worth is worth to you…and to God.