Bible Study for 6-7-20

Bible Study from: Seven Practices of a Transformed Life (3)

Sunday, June 7, 2020

1.  What is your favorite story of someone who chose to live with and be driven by integrity?

2.  What is your favorite quote or saying about integrity? How would you define integrity?

3.  What is spiritual integrity? Is it different than “normal” integrity?

4.  Why do you think integrity is a Christian practice and not just a Christian principle?

5.  Read Ephesians 4:28. Why is this about integrity? Is it about something else? Why or why not?

6.  How are spiritual transformation and spiritual integrity connected?

7.  What causes an individual to desire integrity?

8.  Can we truly be a seeker of Jesus without desiring to have integrity?

9.  Why is it true that having integrity is not easy? Or is it?

10. How does integrity help us to be at peace with God?

11. Why are we “in desperate need of men and women of integrity”? Is that a true statement? Why or why not?