Bible Study for 6-14-20

Bible Study from: Seven Practices of a Transformed Life (4)

Sunday, June 14, 2020

1.  Why do you think most people ignore the significance of Paul’s use of “Therefore” in his writings?

2.  Review Paul’s principles of a changed life in Eph.4:17-24. What is his central point?

3.  We are looking at the Seven Practices of a Transformed Life in Eph.4:25-32. What are the three we have looked at in vs.25-28?

4.  Read vs.29 and explain why it is dealing with the practice of inspiring others. Is that an accurate description of the practice from Paul?

5.  What does the word “unwholesome” make you think about?

6.  How important is it to not only walk like Jesus but to talk like Him?

7.  What is your definition of rotten or unwholesome talk?

8.  Why is there so much unwholesome talk on social media?

9.  Do we have a responsibility to represent Jesus on social media?

10. According to vs.29, what is wholesome talk and what does it do?

11. When is it okay for our talk to be unwholesome?

12. How much of your talk is wholesome or unwholesome?