Newsletter Article for 6-14-20

From Mike:

            June 28th is our tentative date for returning to on-sight Sunday morning services.  Right now, the virus numbers are generally going down but also spiking back up occasionally, so we will be keeping a sharp eye on how this will be trending as we draw closer to our RETURN date! It’s the plan -for now – but recognize that things could change. You will be receiving a detailed description of the rules and restrictions that WE MUST FOLLOW IN ORDER TO GET BACK TOGETHER! There will be copies in next week’s newsletter and every member will receive one in the mail. It’s not going to be normal or like we are used to doing things when we come together, but it will be a way to at least allow us to be together as a church family.

            That being said, let me share some thoughts on ALL OF US GETTING MENTALLY PREPARED FOR SOME OF THE CHANGES WE WILL HAVE TO MAKE. First, everything will continue to be live-cast on our Facebook page. This will become part of our regular things to do every Sunday morning. It will be a nice feature for all our shut-ins and others who have to stay home even after the Pandemic is past. Please do not consider being here with us on the 28th if you are feeling sick, have a temperature, have preexisting health conditions, are in the category of those considered high risk, if you cannot for any reason follow the rules and restrictions, or if you are uncomfortable getting out and being around others. Getting together is an opportunity not a test of faithful – at least I hope that is what it is. Please carefully read the plan when you get it and determine whether or not you can live with it and abide with ALL THE RESTRICTIONS!

            Does that sound harsh? Sorry, but this is not something we can take lightly! We will be emphasizing the rules and restrictions because it truly can be a live and death situation. Here is my only other challenge for this week. Decide right now that you will not hug or shake hands with anyone when we get together! If you happen to feel like the whole virus thing is a farce, keep it – along with your hugs and handshakes to yourself! Do not put loving brethren in a situation where they have to run from you, not attend, or say something they don’t want to have to say. My plan – when not preaching – is to keep my hands in my pocket and not give anyone in our family a reason to worry about what I might do. Laugh if you want, but this is very serious to many people. Please be considerate – no matter how much you miss folks and want to show your love to them – DON’T DO IT!

            “Greet one another with a holy…” smile – that will be covered by your facemask but can be seen in your eyes and heard in your voice.

            WE CAN DO THIS!


Remember, a Bible Study Discussion sheet that is connected to my Sunday lesson is available on our church website as part of the lesson outline at, and it is also on my website

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