Manna To Go

Manna To Go is a weekly devotional article that I will write and share with anyone who would like to receive it.  It will be a short, quick read, that will kick of your week with something thoughtful and inspiring.  The plan is for it to go out every Monday, beginning December 17th.  There is no trick, no obligation, and no ulterior agenda.  I just want to do something that will help get your week off on a positive note.  This will be done through emails, so you can respond and I will answer, or you can read it, share it, and dump the second you finish reading it.  Just go to my website and sign up with ONLY your email address.  You can use the pop up or the permanent sign up place. To say thank you for signing up, if you want it, I’m offering a free online copy of my book God, That Coffee’s Good.  It’s a discussion between me and God where I ask Him all the tough questions I’ve wondered about all my life.  A good friend of mind called it the best apologetic he’s ever read.  I like that, but it really isn’t why I wrote it.  Once you sign up for Manna To Go, you can click to receive an online copy.  It’s not very long and I think you’ll find it very interesting.  As always, you can unsubscribe any time you feel like it’s not what you want to continue receiving, but I’d still love for you to have the book.

I’ve got some great help and we are still working out some of the kinks of putting this all together. So be patient if something doesn’t work just right or is too slow.  Please tell others about Manna To Go.  I am truly praying that God will allow me to do something good with it for a lot of folks.  I look forward to sharing some wonderful Manna together.