Some Changes Are Coming

I haven’t been able to do a blog for the last three weeks.  I’ve thought about it many times but there just didn’t seem to be time.  In fact, my whole schedule for writing has been seriously altered by simply not having time.  I guess I have as much time as I’ve always had but there seems to be more things that need to get done in that same amount of time.  I think I’ve written one chapter in the next Matt Zampolos book I have been working on for over a year.  That’s one chapter since the first of November 2017. Yikes!  It takes a lot more time to sit down, get reacquainted with the flow of the story, and then pick up where I left off, and then have a smooth and consistent flow to it.  I usually look for a 2 to 3 hour block of time to write and that has been harder to find.  A blog like this, doesn’t require that kind of time, but – as mentioned above about the last three weeks – sometimes that’s difficult to squeeze in too.

I am excited to launch into a whole new area of writing.  I wanted to do something that would truly help people.  Something that would not require folks to commit to a long and regular reading period, but just a quick, encouraging, pick-me-up time article.  Lord willing, by the end of this month, I plan to offer a weekly newsletter that everyone can sign up to get on their email account.  There will be no strings attached, only a once-a-week uplifting article that will feed the spirit of all who read it.  It will be a short paragraph or two and take only seconds to read.  Right now the working title of the newsletter is Manna to Go!  I will be offering free copies of one of my books to anyone who signs up and wants a copy.  Hopefully, by the time I do the next blog, I’ll know when, where, and how you can sign up to receive the weekly Manna to Go!

Please pray that God will use this effort and that it will bless a lot of lives.