Blog Check

If you have searched my website recently, looking for a new blog, you probably wondered what has happened. I haven’t written a blog in a while and there is a very good reason for it. Last month I began my Manna To Go weekly email devotional that is sent out early every Monday morning. These are short, inspirational articles intended to give everyone a small shot-in-the-arm to start out the work week. The response has been encouraging, though I’m hoping those who receive it will help me spread the word and encourage others to sign up to receive it. You’ve probably seen the Pop-up on my website giving anyone who wants, a chance to simply give me their email address and be automatically added to the list to receive my Manna To Go article each week.

So, why does that impact my blogging? It’s really a matter of time and priorities. I can only do so much writing each week on top of my always busy schedule. It’s the old “too many irons in the fire” principle. I still want to do an occasional blog, but these will probably be monthly rather than weekly or bi-weekly. So keep checking my website! I’ll try to have some new stuff periodically in terms of blogs and other additions, and I will try to always post new blogs on Facebook when I do one.

Thank you for checking and reading my wild writing! If you haven’t signed up to get my Manna To Go articles, please do. There is no obligation or hidden agenda. Just share your email and that’s all it takes to add you to the list. Let me know what you think about it! I want them to be encouraging, so let me know if it works.