It’s Musical Time!

Our 2018 Bible Action Musical is this week.  Beginning Thursday evening at 7:00 and going through our Sunday evening performance at 6:00, we will be performing this year’s Bible story musical Phractured Parables.  This is our thirteen year to tell a Bible story with music, drama, and lots of laughs and tears.  I always write the script and pull songs from oldies Rock and Roll, show tunes, and praise songs.  This year I added some Contemporary Worship songs to the performance.  This is a full stage musical that lasts about and hour and a half.  “This ain’t your usual church play!”  In fact, it’s nothing like any usual church play you may have seen.  Every year, after each nights performance, we are showered with compliments about the quality of the show and requests that we “take in on the road” or perform it at the St. Louis Muny – or even Broadway.  Obviously, those are exalted and exaggerated compliments that are out of the question, but I mention them to simply illustrate that the nearly two-thousand people who attend each year, over the four nights, are seeing a moving, entertaining, and spiritually challenging show that they well remember for a long time.

We have done two other shows that consisted of a trilogy of New Testament parables.  This time we are doing the parable of the workers, who began working at different times but were all paid the same amount.  It’s a wonderful lesson about God’s grace, and ours is done in a contemporary setting.  The second parable is the parable of The Tenants, who decided to rob the owner of his vineyard and became ruthless in their determination to keep it.  Our story takes place in Montana and Texas during the Wild West era rather than ancient Israel.  It’s a powerful story about respecting the owner of the Kingdom.  The last parable is the beloved story of The Rich Man and Lazarus.  Our story takes place in modern Manhattan, but the story and the lessons are the same – eternal.

Hope you can come one night.  Even if you live a long way away, please try to make it if you can.  Each year we have folks from several adjoining states.  We’ve had van and bus loads show up many times.  Remember, it’s at 7:00 each night except for Sunday, when it is at 6:00.  It’s free and we offer free DVD’s of the play that will be mailed or delivered to you as soon as they are done.

Look forward to seeing you.  It’s also a good way to pick up one or more of my books directly from me.  What a deal!