Getting Feedback

I guess it’s possible to not be emotionally attached to a book you write, but I can’t imagine it.  Maybe some professionals who write everyday and turn out boat-loads of prose can write-forget-about-it, and move on to the next project.  Not me.  Any book that I have ever written became something bigger when I finished it.  It became MY BABY – at least for the near future!  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about getting good reviews.  The more I care about who the reader is, the more I want to hear them tell me how beautiful my baby is.  This is especially true with The Judas Sword because it is a novel.  It is an invention of MY brain.  It is a fantasy based on a lot of conclusions I have made about  angels, demons, the Devil, the after-life, the providential work of God, and many other things.  It’s fantasy – but it’s fun!  I want others to have the fun reading it that I had writing it!  Several of my good friends have posted comments on FB about how much they enjoyed it, and it truly makes my heart happy.  I love hearing people be excited about it and nearly demanding to know when the next book will be out.  That makes me happy too!  When I hear that people are sharing it and recommending it to friends and family, that is thrilling to me.  As a self-published and self-marketed book, it will only go as far as those who read it take it.  So THANK YOU to those of you who have read it, reviewed it, and recommended it.  Please speak up and share it whenever you can.  I don’t know when the next book in the series will be published, but just so you will know – I’m beginning the forth book now.  Matt Zampolos gets to meet some truly interesting people, deal with some challenging problems, and continue to experience things in Yahlandice and in his agent work that he could never have imagined.

So, if you haven’t started the journey into Matt’s new world yet, jump in there!  Tell others about it, and remember, you don’t have to be religious to enjoy it, but it will give you some things to think about.