Who Do You Want to See?

Over the years I have preached many different sermons about heaven.  We don’t know a lot about it, because like most things in the spirit realm, God gave us just enough insight to thirst for more.  Still, we have enough to paint a picture of a place we all surely want to go.  One of the more interesting things to speculate about when talking about heaven, is who we might run into up there.  Jesus talked about us all meeting together around a dinner table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – just to drop a few names.  Who else might be there?  Who would you want to run into?

I was very intentional about not having very many historical celebrities popping up in The Judas Sword.  I didn’t want Matt, my main character, bumping into George Washington and Abe any more than I wanted him to sit down to dinner with Peter and Paul.  I picked my celebrities carefully, and I introduced them as subtly as I could.  Often, I didn’t reveal who they were until long after they were seen as regular people/agents.  Also, anyone that would be chosen to be an agent like Matt, needed to be someone who, at least historically, had some passion for serving God.  I didn’t want to get into any universal-ism debates either.  I also like the idea of allowing the reader some time to put the pieces together and maybe figure out who the person is. I did drop a couple of sports celebrities into my story, but in both cases, they were people of strong character and known faith.  They do go back a few years, so any young readers may have to have someone explain why they are famous – or just google it!

Some of my other main characters are people from the Bible, but I leave it up to the reader to figure that out and wonder if it’s really that person.  In later books, some new historical and biblical characters are introduced.  All of these folks are people I would love to meet and talk with some day in heaven or Yahlandice, or whatever the spirit realm may be called by then.

Who would you love to meet in heaven some day?  (Family and Jesus are considered a given!)