First Impressions

I’m sure you have had many discussions about which Harry Potter book/film is your favorite.  I certainly have.  It is a challenging concept because it really depends on what your criterion is for favorite.  This is further complicated by time and memory, and is probably more true for the movie versions than the books.  For instance, most people I’ve had this discussion with will generally say their favorite Potter film is The Goblet of Fire or The Prisoner of Azkaban, and these are both favorites of mine.  I is usually a surprise to people when I say that my favorite, and I love them all – though it disturbs me to still get so angry with Dolores Umbridge, is still the first one – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  The reason why is because I remember the sense of awe and wonder I felt with every new discovery about Hogwarts and the world of wizards.  I think we forget that initial scense of amazement and fascination that made it such a captivating movie.  The floating candlesticks, the moving staircases, the talking pictures, and the sudden appearance of the banquet under the weather-filled ceiling – which we all assumed and was old by the second film.  Each succeeding film had to come up with something new and compelling to match the previous ones.  With good memories and objectivity, I still remember the surprising fun of that first one.

I have traveled down that road to illustrate my hope and intention when I wrote about Matt Zampolos arriving at Camp Omega in the spirit realm of Yahlandice.  I combined my dream and excitement of looking forward to what God has in store for us in the next world, with that same sense of wonder and discovery Harry had when he arrived at Hogwarts.  Like Harry, Matt wakes up in a world where the laws of Nature either don’t apply or they can be changed.  He has to change his thinking about many things, and I wanted the reader to be part of that journey of discovery.  Yes, it could be spelled out in a paragraph of description, but it’s a lot more fun to partner up with the main character and see the changes and discoveries through his eyes.

Those changes and discoveries never stop.  Matt learns something new with every training class, agent assignment, and every challenge he faces.  Those surprises don’t end with this first book either.  The spirit realm has many surprises for anyone who is a rookie.  Matt and his team of agents have a lot to learn, discover, and enjoy.  Hopefully, you will to