My Favorite Day

Whenever I have been in a discussion with folks about what their most favorite day of the week was, everyone always said Saturday. Some have even said Friday, because it was the end of their work week and Friday night was always a time to stay out or stay up and not worry about having to get up in the morning. I can certainly understand the joy of escaping from the rigors of work and having a fun-filled Friday night followed by a relaxing Saturday. While I understand it, it’s not my choice. I like Sunday! I know, call me crazy, but I love being with folks I love. I love doing the Sunday morning part of my job, teaching folks how to grow spiritually! I like the excitement of being together. I like the warm greetings and hugs and hand shakes and shared discussions. I really enjoy singing with my church family and encouraging one another. I love the feeling of being worn out from the adrenaline flowing for three or four hours. I’m tired but energized with joy and love. I’m hungrier and I am any other day of the week, but I’m also filled with love from sharing, affirming, and truly caring about one another. I miss it when we are gone – even when we are on an exciting vacation with friends and family. Yes, Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I do more things I love to do that day!

Ministers are weird. You knew that, of course, but one of the weird things about being a minister is – no matter what the rest of the world does or says – Sunday is the end of our week! Most folks think of Friday as the end of their week because it’s the last work day for them. We’ve all been told that Saturday is the end of the week because Sunday is the first day of the week. Well, not for me! Every minute of every hour of every day is spent preparing for and focusing on Sunday. It’s the day our church family meets together, and I have people to greet and encourage, things to teach, and a lesson to present. In my mind, it’s the most important thing I do all week. I’m speaking for God and I don’t take that task lightly. I love that Sunday is the end of my week. I told you we are weird. Sunday evening is like normal people’s Friday evening. Monday has been my day off for forty-five years. It’s the day I go bowhunting in the Fall season. It’s the day I like to just relax and be with my wife. But. like any day of the week, if someone needs me, wants to talk, have a wedding, or a funeral, it’s no longer my day off – just the first day of my week as I get ready for Sunday.

Sunday is important to me because it’s the day that I get to encourage so many others to think about God. Not that I don’t the other six days, but Sunday is special because so many others have chosen to focus on Him and His family. I hope it’s a special day for you too. Come and see us at the Florissant Church of Christ some Sunday and let’s have a special day together!