Bible Study for 9-13-20

Bible Study for Sunday, September 13, 2020

HeartSight – God’s Co-Worker, Eph.6:5-9

1.  What experience (s) in your life changed the way you saw the world?

2.  In your spiritual journey, when did you start to discover that Jesus changes your view of the world?

3.  In Ephesians, Paul was probably giving guidance to Christians who might be having relationship problems because of being a Christian when others were not. What might be some of those problems in marriage and parenting? Eph.5:22 – 6:4

4.  Paul goes from marriage to families to slaves and masters. Why do we generally ignore the slave and master part in Eph.6:5-9?

5.  How do the relationship challenges of Eph.5:8-21 impact the 6:5-9 passage?  Did Paul intend for them to be connected?

6.  Why do you think Paul ignored the social injustice of having slaves and masters?

7.  Where should the spiritual principles of this passage be applied?

8.  Where can a Christian go without Jesus? What does that tell us about segmenting our lives?

9.  What is so bad or wrong about classifying people?

10. What does it mean to you when Paul declares that “there is no favoritism with him,” meaning God?

11. What do the people in your life deserve to see in you?