Bible Study for 7-19-20

Bible Study for 7-19-20

God’s Draft – Wrong Gender

1.  What does it mean to be “called” by God?

2.  Why do we sometimes feel unqualified to do things God wants us to do?

3.  What are some reasons why a woman would feel unqualified to serve God?

4.  In Genesis 2, how were Adam and Eve different?

5.  Who is most responsible for their sin in the Garden?

6.  Their punishment, in Genesis 3:14-19, is a curse or a foretelling?

7.  Was Deborah really a leader or a figurehead? (Judges 4)

8.  How important was Deborah to their victory in battle?

9.  Esther had to make some difficult choices.  What do these choices tell us about her? (Esther 1-10)

10. What does Esther teach us about opportunity and timing?

11. “You are defined by God, not your gender or culture.” Is that true? Why is it so difficult to believe?