Bible Study for 7-12-20

Bible Study for 7-12-20

God’s Draft

1.  What are some memories you have of being too young for something you wanted to do?

2.  What are some things that you are too old for?

3.  Why is age used as an excuse to avoid serving God? When does it happen?

4.  What kind of things did Moses learn about leadership in his 80 years of living in Egypt and Midian? Did he learn anything about leadership?

5.  What do the excuses Moses offered to God in Exodus 3 & 4 tell us about Moses?

6.  How would you describe his relationship with God by the end of his life?

7.  At the beginning of David’s story, in 1 Samuel 16, what are some things that let you know his family thought he was too young?

8.  Both Saul and Goliath described him as “only a boy”! What changed their minds?

9.  What does the story/life of David tell us about God’s draft choices?

10. How important is it to be qualified for service to God?

11. What do you feel qualified to do for God? What could God do to help you be more qualified? What are you too young or too old to do for God?