Bible Study for 5-31-20

Bible Study from: Seven Practices of a Transformed Life (2)

Sunday, May 31, 2020

1.  What is an example of something where you know and understand the principle but are not so good with the practice?

2.  What is your definition of self-control?

3.  If the subject is anger, why is the practice about self-control?

4.  Is anger a sin? Why or why not?

5.  Why do we get angry? Is it normal? When isn’t it normal?

6.  From a spiritual perspective, what is the danger of anger?

7.  Why is it important to let go of anger before the sun sets?

8.  How can Satan use our anger to get control of us?

9.  Why does anger rarely lead to godliness? Can it? When?

10. When do you struggle the most with anger?

11. What is the best way to deal with anger issues?

12. Read Eph.4:26-27. How can we apply this practice to other things we struggle with in life?