Bible Study for 4-18-21

Bible Study for Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tough Stuff From Jesus (5)

1.  Why do you think we use love and hate so much as descriptive superlatives? (Don’t you hate questions like that?)

2.  Why do you think we hate others? What is the motivation?

3.  Can someone be our enemy without us hating them?

4.  Who would be on your list of enemies? (Worldwide to daily)

5.  Do you feel like you have honestly dealt with Jesus’ command to love your enemies? Do you pray for them?

6.  Why is this such a tough command to truly obey?

7.  Would you agree that our present “Hate Culture” is ungodly? Why?

8.  How did Jesus redefine our understanding of who is our neighbor?

9.  What is significant about loving our enemies also includes our praying for them? What does that add or change?

10. How does it make us “sons of your Father” to love our enemies?

11. In what ways is Jesus calling us to a higher standard?