Bible Study for 4-11-21

Bible Study for Sunday, April 11, 2021

Tough Stuff From Jesus (4)

1.  Is “Thou shalt not kill” a call for God’s people to be pacifists? Why or why not?

2.  Since Israel was commanded to destroy those people living in The Promise Land, is that a contradiction?

3.  How have you thought about Jesus’ call to give extra, walk farther, and turn the other cheek? Have you ignored it or rejected it?

4.  Why didn’t Jesus allow his apostles to fight for him when he was arrested in the garden? What does that tell us?

5.  Why is it true that sometimes it takes more courage to choose to not retaliate then to attacked?

6.  What are some things in the gospel story that show us that we don’t always “turn the other cheek”?

7.  How does Jesus’ comment about murder in Matthew 5:21-24 help us understand why we might need to turn the other cheek? Or does it?

8.  Why does the context have such a strong influence on understanding his point about turning the other cheek? Or does it?

9.  How does it change things to recognize that we represent God?

10. Why is the spirit of retaliation not what God wants?

11. How might the cloak, the second mile, and turning the other cheek be tests of faith? Or are they tests of our hearts?