Bible Study for 12-27-20

Bible Study for Sunday, December 27, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Matthew 8:5-13

1.  When have you completely misjudged someone because of what they were wearing or the job they had? Has it happened to you?

2.  Why is this meeting in Matthew 8 with a centurion such a surprising encounter? Can we even grasp the feelings the apostles had?

3.  What did his request say about him?

4.  Why do you think there was no discussion or questions from Jesus before he declared that he would go and heal his servant?

5.  Do you think the centurion was humble? Why?

6.  What was he saying when he described his understanding of authority? (vs.9)

7.  Can we astonish Jesus today? How?

8.  Jesus said this man had the greatest faith in all of Israel. Why? How do you think this impacted the apostles? Did they understand why?

9.  Who will be part of the great Kingdom gathering? Who won’t?

10. What was unique about this miracle? Especially to the servant?