Bible Study for 1-3-21

Bible Study for Sunday, January 3, 2021

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Matthew 15:22-28

1.  What has been the most difficult part of 2020 for you?

2.  Do you have any challenges or goals for 2021 yet? What are they?

3.  The Canaanite woman of Matthew 15:22-28 was already dealing with what kinds of challenges?

4.  Can we learn something from Jesus being silent to her request?

5.  How do we know that God wants to see some persistence in our prayer requests? Give examples.

6.  Why do you think Jesus challenged her by saying he was only supposed to go to Israel?

7.  Does God ever change his mind? When? Why? Did Jesus?

8.  Was Jesus being mean or challenging in verse 26, about taking children’s bread and tossing it to the dogs? Why did he say that?

9.  What does her response say about her?

10. How did Jesus react to her response? Why?