Bible Study for 12-20-20

Bible Study for Sunday, December 20, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Mark 6:30-44

1.  When does Christmas go from joy to stress for you? Does it?

2.  Why do you think people have such different perspectives about what they see?

3.  What are some examples of when Jesus and his apostles saw things completely different?

4.  In Mark 6:30-31, a lot of things were going on. How do you think the apostles felt? What was going through their minds?

5.  What should we learn from Jesus calling on his apostles to come away with him and rest?

6.  What happened to their plan to get away? (vs.32-34)

7.  In what way was Jesus’ reaction different than the apostles?

8.  Why were the apostles shocked by Jesus’ request for them to feed the crowd?

9.  What do you think it was like for the apostles as they distributed the food? How do you think it happened?

10. Why is this miracle so different from most of the others?

11. What do we learn about Jesus from this event?