Bible Study for 11-29-20

Bible Study for Sunday, November 29, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 5:1-15

1.  When does it bother you the most to have to say, “I just don’t know”?

2.  What do you think is the biggest myth about mental health?

3.  How does our mental health affect our physical health? How does our physical health affect our mental health?

4.  Why do you think Jesus was visiting the pool of Bethesda?

5.  What kind of mental health issues do you think this man might have had after being an invalid for 38 years? Why?

6.  When Jesus learned that he had been struggling for 38 years to get into the pool at just the right time, he decided to heal him. What does this tell us about Jesus?

7.  When Jesus asked him if he wanted to get well, what was he really asking about?

8.  What did the man have to do in order to be healed?

9.  Since this healing took place on the Sabbath, what is Jesus telling us about the importance of compassion?

10. How does the response of the Jews show us the difference between religion and transformation?

11. How did Jesus challenge the man to change? Read Jn.5:14-15