Bible Study for 11-22-20

Bible Study for Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 4:4-26

1.  Why have so many people been reluctant to talk about mental health?

2.  What kind of worries do you think the woman at the well had?

3.  It is a great story, but why is it true that the story isn’t about her?

4.  Do you think Jesus was intentionally looking for her? Why? What does that tell us about him?

5.  What do we learn from her about the dangers of prejudice and generalizing?

6.  Why can prejudice be a wall between us and Jesus?

7.  What did Jesus mean when he offered her living water?

8.  She not only didn’t understand his offer, she questioned him about three different things. What were they?

9.  What does this story teach us about Jesus knowing what our struggles are?

10. What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth?

11. How did he help her connect the dots as to who he was?