Bible Study for 11-15-20

Bible Study for Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 3:1-21

1.  Do you have any challenges driving your car in a Christ-like manner?

2.  What might Jesus say to you if he was your driving instructor?

3.  Why should it matter whether or not we drive our vehicles in a godly way?

4.  Why was it a surprise that Jesus met with Nicodemus?

5.  What is significant about Jesus’ call to be born again?

6.  Why does God love seekers?

7.  Why is it important for faith to be a journey of discovery?

8.  What are some ways that Jesus challenges his followers to “connect the dots”?

9.  How much does God love you?

10. In what way did God give the world light? What happened?

11. What does Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus tell you about Jesus?