Bible Study for 11-1-20

Bible Study for Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 2:1-11

1.  Who is a celebrity that you admired and respected until you found out they were not what you thought they were in real life?

2.  What is the biggest difference between knowing about somebody and really knowing them?

3.  If we only know about Jesus but don’t really know him, what does that say about our faith and our walk with God?

4.  What do you think the wedding in Cana looked like?

5.  Why is it difficult for some people to visualize Jesus laughing, dancing, drinking wine, and having fun?

6.  How would you describe Jesus’ relationship with his mother?

7.  What did Jesus mean by saying, “My time has not yet come”?

8.  Why did Jesus change his plans? Wasn’t it God’s plan too?

9.  Why is it important that the wine Jesus made was the best? Is it really that important?

10. Why didn’t Jesus or Mary step forward and give Jesus the credit for performing a miracle and saving the honor of the hosts?

11. Why do you think John wanted us to know about this event?