Bible Study for 10-4-20

Bible Study for Sunday, October 4, 2020

God’s Battle Plan Pt.3, Eph.6:13-18

1.  Do you think some Christians struggle with the concepts of faithfulness as a “battle” or a “fight”? Why?

2.  How has God equipped us to live, grow, and spend eternity with him?

3.  Do you believe that we have a real spiritual enemy that we must fight against? Who or what is it?

4.  What does it mean to “fight the good fight of faith”?

5.  How important is it that we have the armor of God and the weapon of God?

6.  What does it mean and what is involved in “taking a stand”?

7.  What does it change in your thinking when you understand that the “stand” is being part of a formation? What does that do to the meaning?

8.  All of the armor of God are defenses in the heart. Is that true? What does that change in your understanding of the analogy?

9.  What is the Sword of the Spirit? Was he talking about the Bible? What did they understand the Word of God to be?

10. Can and should prayer be considered another spiritual weapon like the Sword of the Spirit? (See Eph.6:18)

11. Spiritually speaking, what is worth fighting for? Why?