Bible Study for 10-18-20

Bible Study for Sunday, October 18, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 1:1-5

1.  How many different names, titles, or descriptions fit you?

2.  Why didn’t Moses know who was sending him on his trip back to Egypt? Who did he think was behind the burning bush?

3.  What do you think “I Am” means about God?

4.  What did the people of Nazareth know about Jesus after all those years together?

5.  What does John mean by referring to Jesus as the Word? (John 1:1)

6.  What does it tell us about Jesus that he was involved in creation?

7.  What does it mean that “in him was life”?

8.  Light is metaphorical for what? How is Jesus light?

9.  If Jesus is light, what does that tell us about how or why we should be light?

10. How does understanding Jesus as logos, life, and light give us a clearer picture of who he is?