Bible Study for 1-31-21

Bible Study for Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Jesus Study: Mark 6:1-6a

1.  What are your favorite memories about coming home?

2.  What are some things in your life when receiving support and affirmation from your family was important?

3.  How do you think the disciples felt about getting to go with Jesus to his hometown? What did they expect?

4.  Why were the people in the synagogue amazed to hear him?

5.  Why do you think they suddenly became so hostile towards him?

6.  Would you describe their questions as rhetorical, sarcastic, or both? (vs.2b-3)

7.  How do you think his family felt about having their neighbors reject Jesus?

8.  Why did they take offense at him?

9.  Why does Jesus’ statement about prophets have its roots in “Familiarity breeds contempt”?

10. Why was he unable to do a miracle there?

11. Why was Jesus amazed at their lack of faith?