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Bible Study for 1-17-21

Bible Study for Sunday, January 17, 2021

A Jesus Study: Matthew 12:1-14

1.  As you think about the cast of characters surrounding the crucifixion story, how did their perspectives vary?

2.  Were the Pharisees guilty of murder? Why? How?

3.  What did Jesus do to make them want to kill him?

4.  What is ironic about them accusing visitors of violating the Sabbath by picking some grains to eat?

5.  Why did Jesus use David as an example? What did it prove?

6.  The Priests working in the Temple on the Sabbath was acceptable because it was in the Temple. What did Jesus tell them about himself?

7.  Why did Jesus challenge them with a quote from Hosea? What point was he making?

8.  What does it mean to you that the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath? What is the lesson? How do we apply it?

9.  When is doing good or showing compassion more important than the law?

10. What does this encounter between Jesus and the Pharisees tell us about what is important to Jesus?