Are We There Yet?

It’s the classic question every set of parents hears from the kids in the back seat ten minutes into an eight hour road trip. Patience is not a quality that most children possess – or even comprehend. Unfortunately, many folks become adults and never learn to possess it either. They learn to painfully endure, but to say they understand the subtle nature of graciously waiting would be a stretch. I guess this is where I need to change my writing to first person. I’ve worked on being patient for many years, and I’d like to think that I have grown a great deal in learning to be more patient…and then I’m in traffic and I’m having thoughts about smashing cars and driving off-road cross country. Maybe I’m not as patient as I think I am. Actually, I’m pretty good at waiting. I guess with age and mellowing out as a Type A personality, I’m at peace with God, life, and whatever the future may bring. I enjoy thinking! Sounds weird, but I don’t mind quiet time in my vehicle and I long for my fall sits in a tree stand watching the woods and the wildlife, and hoping for a monster buck to come trotting by. I love sitting on our back porch enjoying the birds, squirrels, turtles, and wild neighbors I occasionally see. As odd as it sounds, I enjoy the anticipation of a trip almost as much as the trip itself. I’m okay with waiting. Life goes too fast most of the time anyway!

All that being said, it’s difficult right now as we wait for everything to get better and get back to normal. Our routines, plans, comforts, and loved ones are all on the waiting list, and we’re all ready for this crazy virus to run it’s course and get out of our life. We’re getting impatient with it. That is understandable, but in this case, impatience can be very costly – even deadly. The only way to deal with impatience is to develop a positive perspective that turns the drudgery of waiting into the joy of winning. What are you getting to do and experience that may never come around again? How are you turning misery into memories? Circumstances are beyond our control, but perspective is all in our court! We are limited and restricted, but the days are counting down to when it will be over. Are we there yet? No, but can’t we make getting there half the fun? It’s our choice. It’s our opportunity. And…it will be our memories. Make the most of it.