Bible Study 4-19-20

Bible Study from the lesson: Waiting On God

Sunday, April 19, 2020

1.  When do you struggle the most with waiting?

2.  If you take your worst struggles with waiting and looked at them through the eyes of God, what would it change?

3.  What does it mean to wait on God?

4.  How much of Abraham’s life was spent waiting on God?  What do we learn about God from Abraham’s experience?

5.  Joseph never blamed God for anything that happened to him. What did he understand about waiting on God? (Gen.50:19-20)

6.  Describe how different the mood would have been around the apostles during Silent Saturday and Wonder Week!

7.  It is not how long we wait but what we do while we wait! What can you do for God while waiting for him to change things?

8.  How do we use our faith to help us get through difficult times?

9.  How well are you doing with waiting on God?

10.  As you consider our present challenges, how do you see God’s timing, planning, and guidance working? Will we only understand it in hindsight?