Bible Study for 4-26-20 Lesson

Bible Study from: Uptight – Winning Over Worry

Sunday, April 26, 2020

1.  When does pondering become worrying for you?

2.  What are some things that you worry about right now?

3.  Discuss the process that takes place in your life when worry turns into anxiety and anxiety turns into stress. When do things go from concern to apprehension to negative effects?

4.  When Jesus challenged us to not worry about physical needs or what might happen tomorrow, what was he trying to help learn?       (Mt.6:25-34)

5.  Paul told us to not be anxious about anything. What does anxiety rob from us? (Phil.4:6-7) How? Why?

6.  We are told to share one another’s burdens. (Gal.6:2) If stress is a burden, why don’t we share it and help each other?

7.  How does the list of challenges in James 4:7-10 help us deal with worry?

8.  Are there things that worry you that you need to apply IDM to?
(It Doesn’t Matter!)

9.  Are there things that worry you that you need to change your perspective about them?