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What in the world is Yahlandice?

The best way to get around the confines of limited biblical information is to simply create a whole new world.  Why not?  There were several factors that came crashing together when I first began outlining the new spirit realm that Matt Zampolos would suddenly find himself in.  It’s an agent camp.  A place were agents live, train, and prepare to carry out assignments.  It’s also their home – the place they long to return to after a hard day of agent assignments, and a place that fits nearly every expectation of paradise – without being the final paradise.

The problems began when I determined that agents had to remain partially physical to facilitate their constant returning to the physical world.  They also needed to be partially physical to explain the need for food, fun, and fellowship (to use our favorite three church priorities).  There clearly is table time in heaven because Jesus talked about us gathering together around a table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  But, how and why does a totally spiritual being need physical food?  Maybe it’s a special spiritual food.  Who knows?  I wanted the fun time around the table at each meal to be central to Matt and his team of fellow agents bonding and becoming a spiritual realm family.  Since it was still a spirit realm, they enjoy real physical food but through a completely spirit realm way – a miracle.  I created the Gold Star, which will be the subject of a later blog.  In this realm, one of the primary rules is “The physical adjusts to our needs.”  That makes it a truly wondrous and magical place.

In life, we are all physical with a little spirit mixed in.  In the world that Matt enters, they are all spirit with a little physical added in – to allow for easy transporting back into the physical world every day.  So the world they needed to live in had to be a special kind of world.  I call it Yahlandice.  It’s not a waiting place, an in-between place, or some theological Hadean world.  It is the realm where spirit agents live, both Agents of Light and Agents of Darkness – just in different areas.  Any Bible students will recognize the name comes from Yahweh.  It allowed me to create a whole new world with it’s own rules and principles that govern it.  For Agents of Light, everything about Yahlandice conforms to their needs and wants.  It is paradise, but one created for beings that are still partially physical.  They can’t die – because that has already happened – but they can move on to the permanent paradise that is usually called Heaven, but has a new nickname when Matt is told about it.

How can I create a place and name that isn’t in the Bible?  What if someone has some serious problems with me taking such liberties?  Do I really think there is such a place?  Well, before we enter into a social media argument or sign debate propositions, I want to simply share my favorite three non-theological-doctrinal-religious-bias-free words:  IT IS FICTION!  End of discussion, but the beginning of a fun adventure.  I hope you are part of it.