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Fun, Challenge, and Discussion

I have already written some about the WHY behind the writing of this new series about Matt Zampolos.  Yes, I have goals, plans, and even dreams, but the simple true is I wrote it because I wanted to.  I haven’t done very much fiction writing in my life, but I have been a huge reader of great fiction since my early days of sharing library books with a school buddy in Junior High.  I have whole collections of some famous authors of our time, and I have spent a small fortune supporting the publishing business over the years.

The Judas Sword came into existence because I wanted to have fun and create fun for others.  That is why it’s not a religious or doctrinal book.  It’s a make-believe-story that I wanted to be an adventure/fantasy that happens to take place in the spirit realm.  If a book is not fun, it will not be bought, read, or recommended.  My hope is that everyone who reads this story will want to tell others about it – because it’s fun!

I also wanted to challenge the thinking of everyone who reads it.  We know there are spirit beings called angels or Holy Ones, or several other possibilities, who carry out the providential work of God.  The word angel means messenger, and most of the accounts in the Old Testament about what angels do involves them having a message from God for someone.  But, how do they work.  How do they travel?  How do they go back and forth from wherever they live to Earth?  And where do they live?  How do they interface with us?  Aren’t there angels of Satan too?  How do they affect us?  When and how do the Dark Agents clash with the Agents of Light?  Do they fight one another and how does that happen?  The questions are endless.  I wanted to give some possible answers and solutions to some of these queries, but they are mostly products of my imagination – which again, is why it’s called fiction.  I do believe, however, these speculations give the reader a reason to think, mull it around, and wonder.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog, the primary reason I sought to keep the story religion-neutral was to hopefully allow everyone to read and enjoy a fun and challenging story whether or not they had a religious background.  It’s an adventure/fantasy whether or not you understand the Biblical origins of the premise.  But, just maybe, some folks would read about a spirit realm with spirit realm fun, fellowship, and supernatural experiences – not to mention battles between good and evil – and have a few questions they might ask and talk about with friends or family who can give some insight and explanations about where all these things came from.

Actually, a story about a young person suddenly finding themselves in the middle of a supernatural world filled with amazing people and things, and also having to fight against the powers of Darkness is – well – not exactly a new idea.  It just seemed to me that it would be fun, challenging, and create some discussion if it took place in a realm we know exists, and where we clearly know why the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad.