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The next book in my series of stories about Matt Zampolos should be coming out within the next month or so.  In The Judas Sword the reader was introduced to the new and youngest Agent of Light in Camp Omega.  Camp Omega is just one of thousands of Agent camps in the spirit realm of Yahlandice, were Agents of Light live, train, and travel to Earth to carry out assignments as part of the providential work of God.  Yahlandice is also where the Agents of Darkness camps are located. Yahlandice is an endless realm and no one knows where the Agents of Darkness camps are in relation to the Agents of Light camps, but they never run into each other unless is to do battle or anything they can to further their respective cause.  In The Perspicacious Quandary, Matt is no longer a rookie and his team have earned a reputation as a tight, tough, and tenacious team of Agents.  He is nearly eighteen and more than capable of handling the challenges of being a target of revenge for two Senior Dark Agents and leading his team in an inter-camp competition of Agent skills and abilities.  As a preview of the new book, here is how I describe in on the back cover:

In his first year as an Agent of Light, Matt Zampolos had to learn how to carry out assignments, fight with a spirit-powered sword, battle a Senior Dark Agent, confiscate his Viper Sword, and deal with his own father being the assistant to the Princess of Darkness.

In his second year as an Agent of Light, Matt learns about an Agent competition that has been going on since the beginning of time.  It’s called The Perspicacious Quandary, and only the top All-Star teams from each Agent Camp can be part of it.  The path to the PQ begins with his team of Agents competing in Camp Omega’s Centennial Yahlandice Games.  The purpose of the games is to sharpen their skills as Agents of Light and determine who will be chosen for their All-Star Team to compete in the PQ.  The PQ is a series of challenges that each team must accomplish within the rules of the game.  In the spirit realm of Yahlandice, anything can happen, and the challenges are limitless.

At the same time, the work and warfare of Agents must go on.  The Agents of Light and Darkness battle on earth, in the spirit realm, and in the hearts of people everywhere.  Swords will clash, plots will unfold, and young Matt will discover there is no end to the surprises in the spirit realm of Yahlandice.

“Loved, loved, loved it! The story line, the plot…couldn’t put it down…kept my interest with a lot of attention to detail. There are subtle lessons to be learned…especially about temptations, how people and situations are part of the big Plan. I was transferred to Camp Omega…It is excellent, exciting, vivid…sort of makes me want to be there… but it makes me aware to listen to my Agents of Light.”  Jeannie T.

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