Life's Cobwebs book cover

Have you ever walked into a cobweb before? This annoying pastime always occurs at the least opportune moment and when you least expect it to happen. Cobwebs seem to have a killer instinct. They most often attack your head and shoulder region! And most often they attack you when your mouth is open!


So it is with life’s cobwebs. We all have them. “Little” things like rejection, depression, a secret sin, marital difficulties and so many others. They take over the attic of our soul. They infest our memory with the tenacity of an incurable disease. From that vantage point they come back to haunt us with frightening regularity! We fight desperately to escape their deadly grasp. We try to bury them or hide them away in the dark corners of our spirit only to find them clinging to every one of our conscious thoughts! They take the joy out of living and drain our spiritual wells dry. At times, they make life seem worthless and pitiful.


If this sounds like your life, there is good news! Life’s Cobwebs will change your outlook in a dynamic way, teaching two undeniable and important truths that will help remove the cobwebs that have haunted your life for years. First, only through the life-changing power of Christ’s finished work on the cross can we ever hope to remove the cobwebs from the attic of our soul.


Secondly, we can learn to develop a healthy perspective that will keep us from being wrapped up or destroyed by any new or hidden cobwebs. Written in an easy-to-follow and interesting format. Life’s Cobwebs will restore the confidence and peace that has evaded your grasp!


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