Newsletter Article for 6-28-20

From Mike:

            These are strange times we are living in. I never thought I would see the day when we would have so much trouble trying to figure out how and when our church family can safely meet back together. Weird! If you are like me, I feel guilty when we call of services for a snow or ice storm. I know better, both l logically and biblically, but we grew up being taught that “going to church” was what faithful people do! We knew better, but it was still seen and judged as a sign of faithfulness. It is more a generational thing now, but it still exists. Our older members, the ones at the highest risk for dying from getting the Corona Virus, are the very ones who feel compelled to be here if the doors are open. It is how they (we) were taught. AND, that’s not all bad, it’s just not how we have to think in these weird times. Do what is best for you and your family, and don’t feel bad about it. God understands, even if we call you a “heathen” – just kidding!

            Another element of our strange times is the high level of dissension, division, and discontent that seems to permeate so much of our society today. It seems that people do not know how to politely disagree and respect one another’s perspectives. Yes, when passions are aflame, and folks are hurting and disappointed and screaming for changes, it is difficult to listen, talk, and try to understand one another. That is human nature! But we are seeking to have a Christ-like nature. We have put off that “old self” and are molding a “new self” that has the mind of Christ. The world doesn’t care about that, but we must! We must be careful about what we allow into our hearts! Paul’s principles of a transformed life, in Ephesians 4:20-24, is followed by Seven Practices of a Transformed Life, in vs.25-32. Last Sunday we looked at what it means to “grieve the Holy Spirit” and defined it as hurting God! The very next practice is putting away those things that we can have in our heart that grieve the Holy Spirit – that hurt God. They are heart-poison and spiritual killers! If we truly want a transformed life, we have thing that we must actively remove from our hearts and never let back in again.

            Again, I think we are looking at something God wants us to think about in the strange times we live in, but mostly because we want to please Him. Remember, our principles must be followed by godly practices or they are meaningless. This Sunday’s practice is a tough one, but we must look at it.

            Hope you can join us Sunday, either in person or online! Keep praying for God to protect us all from this virus and let life get back to normal.


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