Bible Study for 7-5-20

Bible Study from: Seven Practices of a Transformed Life (7)

Sunday, July 5, 2020

1.  Do you ever look at people and see what they could be rather than what they are? When? Who?

2.  Why did Jesus call Peter and Judas to be apostles? Didn’t he know they would deny and betray him?

3.  Following Jesus was an act of faith for the apostles, but was Jesus showing faith in them by calling them to follow him? Why?

4.  If we believe the spiritual principles of Eph.4:20-24, how important is it for us to accept the practices of Eph.4:25-32?

5.  Why is transformational practice #7, love, the most important? Is it?

6.  What do the three “one another” qualities in vs.32 have in common?

7.  Why does Eph.5:1&2 belong with 4:32? Or why not?

8.  How can we possibly “be imitators of God”?

9.  Does God believe in you? Why? How do you know?

10. Who has God put in your life that believes in you?

11. What does the sharp contrast between Eph.4:31 and 32 teach us about making choices in life?