Just Days Away!

The Yahlandice Protocol Back Cover

It’s difficult to do the work of an Agent of Light when there is a huge target painted on your back.  Matt Zampolos is only finishing up his third year as an agent and he is the number one target of the Prince of Darkness, who will move world events, armies, and trick the most powerful to spring a trap that will end in the dusting of Yahlandice’s newest celebrity.  Matt captured the Sword of Judas, defeating one of the Senior Dark Agents and later dusting him in an epic second battle.  He was on the All-Star Perspicacious Quandary team and has won notoriety as one of the top swordsmen among all Agents of Light.  Unfortunately, he is also known for being the son of a Senior Dark Agent too, who happens to be the right-hand man of the Prince of Darkness.  They both have Matt in their sights.

The Dark Agents have been ambushing and harassing Agents of Light with no obvious goal other than to keep everyone anxious and watchful.  They have been pushing the boundaries of the agent’s Prime Directive to not have conflicts in the presence of people.  Something is up and no one at Camp Omega or even The Three can figure it out.  As Matt is growing in his love for every member of his team, he is developing a close friendship with Jane Marie, one of the new editions to his team.  She looks like she’s his age, but she’s three centuries older than Matt and in a good position to be a mentor as well as a friend.  In The Yahlandice Protocol, the anxiety and warnings turn into open warfare and when the Agents of Light do full battle with the Agents of Darkness, it’s like nothing on earth.

“…The Perspicacious Quandary is amazing, exciting, fun and serious all at the same time.  What I wouldn’t give to get inside Mike Root’s creative mind!! This book is genius.  It is certainly not a ‘let down’ from the first one.  Now I’m dying for #3! When Mike Root?  When? If you have not read these two books, The Judas Sword and The Perspicacious Quandary, you are missing out.”

Lola-Margaret Hall