Book Three Is Out

Five years ago I spent a lot of time outlining a concept for the spirit realm. It was driven by my imagination and biblical scraps of insight into the unknown world of God’s angels. What do they do and how do they do it? How can they exist in the spirit realm but still be active in the physical realm? Who are they and where do they come from? What kind of powers and abilities do they have? How do they live and what do they do when they are not working for God? Well, the questions are endless. I created a world I called Yahlandice. It’s a spirit world place between heaven and earth. It’s a place where all spirit beings live, train, and work, as the active agents for God or the Prince of Darkness. They all live there – in different locations – but all of them transport back and forth between there and earth to do their mission. I called them agents not angels. I wanted to have a story-line that wasn’t obviously religious. I wanted to write an action adventure about good verses evil and show that there is a huge battle going on that humans can’t see or even be aware of – unless we choose to recognize to, but it’s extremely important and has eternal consequences.

The world of Yahlandice is where young Matt Zampolos found himself after his untimely death saving lives in a terrorist attack on a shopping mall – about three years earlier. Because he had the two most important characteristics looked for in an Agent of Light – integrity and courage – he was drafted to become one. His journey to learn what Yahlandice is and what the work of an agent is, introduced the reader to a very special world filled with very special people. I won’t say any more about Matt and the first two books, The Judas Sword and The Perspicacious Quandary, except to say they both lead up to this third book where skirmishes and small battles between the Agents of Light and the Agents of Darkness turn into full battle as the Prince of Darkness and his right-hand-man Demas, Matt’s father, hatch a massive plan to damage the cause of Light and remove Matt – the new hero of all the Agents of Light.

It may be a few days yet before copies of The Yahlandice Protocol can be purchased from Amazon as a paperback or eBook, but it shouldn’t be too long. I have personal copies, if you happen to be in the St. Louis area, as well as copies of the first two books. They will be available from the church office this coming Sunday or anytime you may be able to come by. I truly hope you enjoy it and that it blesses you to think about God’s agents watching out for you and fighting for your soul.