Don’t Stay Dumb

In a very real sense, we are all born dumb. Hopefully, we spend the rest of our life trying to improve on that dumbness. It’s one thing to be dumb, but it’s another thing to choose to stay that way. I have always thought that one of the saddest ways to live is to live without learning. Some people just don’t want to grow or improve their knowledge. I guess they just want to eat, drink, and be entertained. I have known many church leaders who felt they were already so knowledgeable and informed that they never needed to read, study, learn, and expand their brain. To not read and study is to not learn and grow! How sad. There is too much out there to be discovered and enjoyed to just sit back and wallow in elementary living. If you understand that the Word of God contains the most powerful message ever given to mankind, you must never stop studying it and learning from it. My Bible changes constantly. I know it does because I constantly discover things that I hadn’t noticed even after decades of reading it. Of course, it’s not the book that changes. I am the one who changes, and as I change, I see and understand things in a whole new way. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. It’s why I have changed conclusions, rethought things taught by others, and discovered a God who truly loves me in ways beyond total understanding. I have had life altering discoveries, like when I began looking at God’s Word through lenses I’d never used before. A good example was when I realized that everything in the Bible, no matter where it is or when it is, was put there to tell us something about God. We just have to be looking for it. It’s never just a story! It’s a message about God! Wow! What a challenging and radical change that made in how I read the Bible. So, back to my title. Yes, there are things I don’t know or understand. Yes, there are things that I am dumb about, especially tech stuff, but…I don’t have to stay dumb. Change begins with choices and our choices define who we are and with WHOM we spend eternity.