Bible Study for 9-6-20

Bible Study for Sunday, September 6, 2020

HeartSight – Super Parents Eph.6:1-4

1.  What is our number one source of knowledge and training about parenting?

2.  What are some things you said you would never do as a parent, but you did them anyways?

3.  “God is and always will be the best parent.” Is this a true statement? Why?

4.  How does the meaning of Eph.6:1-4 change when you see it through the lens of Eph.5:8-21? Apply the four challenges to parenting.

5.  Since obeying is rather obvious, how do children honor their parents?  What does it include?

6.  What does “the promise” to children that life will go well and be long probably mean?

7.  Why do you think Dad’s were given a special warning?

8.  What does “the training and instruction of the Lord” mean to you?

9.  Why or why not is this a true statement: Parental control is a vehicle to self-control?  What does it mean?

10. What does the popularity of The Lion King tell us about parenting?