Bible Study for 5-2-21

Bible Study for Sunday, May 2, 2021

Tough Stuff From Jesus (7)

1.  Do you have any bad driving habits that you need to work on?

2.  How much of your feelings about driving are a response to other drivers?

3.  If we are “the light of the world,” why do we let others set the tone for how we act or treat them?

4.  Why do we call Matthew 7:12 The Golden Rule? Would Jesus have called it that?

5.  Why is this challenge the foundation of godly behavior?

6.  Is there a connection between this challenge from Jesus and the greatest of all commands from God?

7.  How does this challenge change us from reaction to action?

8.  What does it mean to you to “Be a light not a mirror”?

9.  How is this challenge the antithesis of judging (7:1)?

10. How does our response to Jesus’ challenge reveal what path we are on? (See 7:13-14)