The Devil Made Me Do It!

Donna is out of town and yesterday she texted me to let me know that our favorite frozen custard place, Fritz’s, had Oreo Cheesecake as the flavor of the day. Being faithful to my diet, for now, I quickly texted back, “Get behind my Satan!” We both shared the hysterically laughing smiling face emoji and moved on. This morning, while doing my walking, I found myself starting to think down a line of thought that wasn’t going in a good direction. It wasn’t were I wanted or needed to go. So, in my head I declared, “Get behind my Satan! I’m not going down that road!” Then I immediately changed my train of thought and moved on.

One of those stories was something to laugh at. The other was my personal attempt to not let myself be led into something I didn’t need to dwell on. It’s my personal method of fighting the good fight of faith and not letting a temptation become a sin, or at least something potentially destructive. BUT, was Satan really the one tempting me, pushing me, or guiding me? The simple answer is no – at least not him personally. Most of us forget that Satan is not omnipresent. He isn’t everywhere and he probably doesn’t know everybody, because he’s also not omniscient. He may know about me and you, for some reason, but he is the Prince of Darkness not a god.

So, was my dismissal of Satan wrong? Even if it wasn’t him personally, it was an appropriate thing to say. Why? He has an army of angels working for him and one of them absolutely could have been part of it. The Bible talks about “the Devil and his angels” as being just as real and present as the angels of God. What do they do and how do they work? We only have a few insights into them just as we only have mere glimpses of what God’s angels do. They try to win us over to sin and darkness, and that is why we must “resist the Devil and he will flee.” They fight for our souls and God’s army of angels fight them in “the Heavenly places.” They are real and they are actively after us. What happens in the spiritual realm is bigger and more complicated than our ability to comprehend it. We have to understand that or we will never interpret the scriptures correctly. We have angels fighting for us and we have the Holy Spirit fighting for us, and most important of all, we have Jesus himself in our corner representing us and helping us. I think there will be a lot of surprised for all of us when we move into the spiritual realm of immortality.

That is one of the reason why I began writing the series of novels about Matt Zampolos and his adventures in the spiritual realm. The Judas Sword was about his initiation into an unbelievably amazing world of agelessness, divine power, spiritual warfare, and being an agent for God. In The Perspicacious Quandary, he learned more, deepened his relationship with the members of his team, met some new characters, and fought for the Light against Agents of Darkness, which included his own father. Part Three, The Yahlandice Protocol should be out in just a short time. In this book, Matt and his team, as well as all the agents at Camp Omega, go from minor skirmishes with Dark Agents to all-out-open-war! For all the Agents of Light, the potential dangers caused by “the Devil and his angels” are very real. For them, it’s a fight-to-the-dust!