Spoiler Alert!

Even though The Judas Sword was published back in the Spring, I actually wrote it almost two and a half years ago.  My attempts to secure a literary agent was getting frustrating, so I took the route of self-publishing.  It has been encouraging to hear from so many people who have not only purchased it and read it, but who have told other about it.  I am so grateful for the help in promoting it.  Marketing is what you lose the most when you don’t have a publisher doing it for you.  It has been wonderful to hear and read so many great reviews and positive comments.  I love it when someone wants to know when it is going to be made into a movie!  I haven’t even be able to get an agent or publisher to consider it, so that prospect -though thrilling to consider – is not even on the charts yet.  Still, thanks for the compliments and the hope.

I have shared all that so I can tell the many folks who have asked me when the next book in the series is coming out that my plan is early next year.  Actually, books two and three are finished and I’m a good ways into book four right now.  The working title for the second book is The Perspicacious Quandary.  Sure, go ahead and look up perspicacious if you want.  The PQ is a centennial competition between agents and agent camps to help sharpen their skills.  It’s a much more intricate plot than the first book, with lots of cliffhangers and surprises.  FUN STUFF!  The third book’s working title is The Yalandice Protocol.  The Yalandice Protocol is the alert measures an Agent of Light camp must take to stay constantly prepared for an attack from Dark Agents.  The story line is much more complicated than that, of course, but that gives you the essence of where the drama will come from.  I am very excited about each of these as they further the story of Matt Zampolos, who gets older with each book and is confronted with new characters from both the Light and the Darkness.  And…just in case you were wondering, the working title for book for is The Demas Deception.  I probably just violated all the rules and advice for successful marketing of books, but I’m beyond worrying about that.

I would dearly love to have a literary agent help me find a publisher – or maybe some LA director or producer discover it – but I’m enjoying the creative process and the sharing.  So, these will be out there and available at some point and in some fashion.  I hope you are joining me on this journey and telling others about it.  Thanks.